Interplanetary Records LLC is based in San Francisco where we operate a small home studio. We can undertake any modern electronic production task, and for larger recording projects we can access a number of neighborhood studios in the San Francisco/Bay Area.

Musician and Songwriter Services

  • Songwriting mentorship
  • Song lyric rewriting and cowriting
  • Music advice, coaching and rework
  • Sound Design

Studio Services

  • Full end-to end production
  • Vocal recording, editing and tuning. We can transparently edit vocals you recorded elsewhere. If you are unhappy with a recording, send it to us for a free assessment!
  • Mixing, mix feedback, and mentorship
  • Remixes and reworks of your own track
  • Full Backing track production in a variety of styles. Our strength is electronic music production
  • Sound design and construction of Sample packs


We are currently expanding our artist representation offerings, but at current we offer the following.

  • Full-cost Promotion of collaborations and guest remixes
  • Facebook and Instagram marketing services and training
  • Access to our high-performing Spotify Playlists
  • Career and music industry advice

If you have a suggestion on how we can help your music career, please send us a note via Instagram DM!