Interplanetary Records is a Record Label based in San Francisco. We specialize in supporting independent electronic artists with a focus on the Synthesizer-driven genres of Synthwave, Retrowave, Darkwave, Melodic House and Progressive House. Read more about our comprehensive list of music services.

Our Mission

Creativity and exploration have forever been intertwined, and for all our cultural inventions, music and song have always been part of our journeys. Interplanetary Records’ Mission is to inspire the next generation of artists and creators to make a difference: to create new music, touch people’s hearts, and inspire them to action.

Interplanetary Records is named in honour of the Interplanetary Spacecraft Missions that have traveled deep into space, exploring our solar system and beyond, and the scientists, engineers, dreamers and thinkers that made the voyages possible. In particular we are inspired by NASA’s Pioneer 10 and it’s famous plaque, and the Voyager I & II spacecraft, which carried the first recordings of the Sounds of Earth into outer space.

The Interplanetary Logo, designed by famed San Francisco artist Drew Mcgaraghan, symbolizes our love of music, the Voyager Golden Record, the orbits of the planets around the Sun, and a stylized letter ā€œIā€. 


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